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Room booking conditions

Change and cancellation policy
Reservations can be changed or cancelled until 7 days before the day of arrival. Any cancellations beyond 7 days before the day of arrival will be charged the full amount of your booking. No-show at the scheduled day of arrival will be regarded as cancellation beyond 168 hours before arrival.
If you wish to cancel or change your reservation, please contact us by e-mail: mail@groenbechshotel.dk

Arrival and departure
The room(s) are at your disposal from 3 pm at the arrival day.
The room(s) must be left at 11 am on the day of departure. Early or late check-out is subject to a charge.

Liability for damages
The hotel reserves the right to charge for lost and damaged items in the bedroom or other rooms at the hotel.
The hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen personal valuables or luggage in the room or in the hotel.
Left and found valuables will be kept for a period of three months after departure. Valuables can be shipped at the owner’s expense.

Non-smoking hotel
The hotel is a non-smoking property, meaning that bedrooms as well as indoor hotel facilities are non-smoking areas. In case of violation of this Danish law, the hotel will charge a fine of 5.500 DKK. Smoking (cigarettes or e-cigarettes) from windows are not allowed either.

Fire alarm
It is strictly prohibited to activate or tamper with fire alarms – tampering will not stop the alarm from ringing. Hotel guests are responsible for avoiding any activation of alarms without reason and are responsible for preventing any damage to the alarms by either slacken screws or covering the alarm. A false alarm is charged with a fine of 5.500 DKK, which will be charged the person responsible for activating the alarm. If a false fire alarm requires technical assistance to activate the alarm system this will also be charged beyond the 5.500 DKK.

Guest are responsible for complying with the booking agreement in accordance with Danish law with the following exceptions: In cases of force majeure or any extraordinary conditions beyond the direct control of the hotel, including but not limited to fire, water damage, strike/lockout or sickness of staff. Any liability to pay compensation can never exceed the total price of the booking, and compensation does not include indirect loss such as loss of profit. Transportation- or travel expenses related to alternative accommodation will not be covered by the hotel.

Effective from 1st of August 2019.